Yamaha Recording Custom RRS1365 Snare Drum (Ex Display)

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This Snare Drum is Ex Display with some very minor marks. No Box

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The recording custom snare drum is constructed out of brass for its shell in order to deliver a tone that has plenty of power to it. The brass offers similar tones to other metal shells, producing a crisp sound that has a clear rimshot that can cut through loud music with a good low end punch, but also features a warmth to it that you would normally get from wooden shells. The combination between the snares weight and cutting attack makes it excellent for heavy rock and metal, as well as music that requires definition.

Yamaha's recording custom snare drum features a one-piece lug nut that has been precision-machined to provide a noise-free control and allow for a high tension with the snare wires to add some weight in order to enhance the snares subtle low frequencies ad offer great sensitivity and dynamics. The snare also possesses an outward centre bead to give the drum even more open sounds and excellent articulations, along with a Q type strainer to add some robustness to the drum and keep it all stable, with the ability to make any adjustments or replacements.


  • Shell: Brass
  • Shell Thickness: 1.2mm
  • Strainer (Butt Side): DC3 Type
  • Strainer (Release Side): Q Type
  • Bottom Head: Remo Snare Ambassador
  • Batter Head: Remo Coated Ambassador
  • Lug: Newly Designed One-Piece
  • Centre Bead: Outward
  • Snare Wire: 20 Strand
  • Hoop: 2.3mm Dyna
  • Snare Bed: 2.4mm
  • Bearing Edge: 45 Degrees
  • Diameter: 14''
  • Depth: 5.5''