Edifier H880 Studio Headphones Black

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Deluxe protein leather ear-pads keep out much of the noise and provide long time wearing comfort. Broad padded headband made of strong lightweight steel offers strength and a comfortable fit. Designed to fit the ear’s natural geometry, the soft foam inside is of different thickness; slightly thinner in the front. The H880 over-ear headphones feature a faux leatherette ear pad, ergonomically designed to enhance user experience and overall comfort. Aluminum slider of 4.1cm width also reduces the pressure against your head and ears. Edifier concerns itself with the holistic experience of all audiophiles and general users.

Designed with the finest materials, the exquisite H880 over-ear headphones come with an integrated black-colored matte finish. The lively theme of the H880 produces a fun under current that makes any music enjoyable in any environment. The smooth rubber coating protects your headphones from scratches, and the aluminum alloy hinges are abrasion resistant; a perfect match to your modern lifestyle. Edifier’s H880 are a clean, modern and powerful over-ear headphone that gives the user high performing functionality and style.

  • Detachable headphone cord
  • In-line remote control and microphone
  • Compact folding design


  • 20Hz ~ 20kHz


  • 100dB


  • 24Ω


  • 40mm Neodymium magnet


  • 0.3kg